Here at Digital Nuage, we love positive change, tech driven change.

We use  high quality  web development frameworks to build bots and  lightning-fast, secure and highly optimized SEO  websites to help businesses thrive.

We provide  targeted digital  solutions for business enterprises through web and mobile applications.

If required, we employ  Artificial Intelligence (A.I)  to boost the capacity of your business to effectively capture the changing demands of your customers and respond more efficiently to their needs.

We are already living in the digital age. Pandemics like the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2002 and COVID19 in 2020 have provided tremendous impetus to push the boundaries of the digital agenda.

The likelihood that things will go back to the way they were is unlikely. Experts predict that pandemics are likely to recur every 20 years.

As more and more people order their groceries online and clinics start to consult via video calls, educators look to remote learning and restaurants worry about the lack of foot traffic, what are you doing to work your way out of this crisis?

So how do we go from being disrupted to future proof, then to future ready?  

We need to use information technology to compete and survive. 

The urgent question now is how can you effectively bring your business online?

How do we craft an online presence? How do we begin to imagine a digital future for our business? 

Here at Digital Nuage, speedy websites is our brand's signature.

We love speed for 2 important reasons:

1. Speed pleases Google bots immensely and you will rank well, meaning you will stand head and shoulders above your competition in terms of visibility.

2. Your customer will land and transact your site in a seamless and stress free manner.

A happy customer is a repeat customer. We deliver among the fastest speed possible. Time is truly money in this context.

Speed is of the essence to Google. The faster your website, the higher you will rank.

Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) prioritises the user experience and there has been a strong push in 2020 for fast and mobile-friendly websites and apps.

It means that the faster your website or app, the better you will be ranked on Google.

If your website is slow, the Google bots will penalise your website.

Is your existing website slow to load? 50% of people landing on your E-commerce website will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Do you know a faster website translates to an increase in sales revenues?

Slow loading speed creates a huge barrier to closing potential sales and can give the impression of unreliability to the customer who has never met you face to face.

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What do you get with Digital Nuage?

  • Lightning fast websites and web apps that increases your SEO on Google

  • Performance oriented functionality. Customer focused design ensures your customers navigate and buy with ease

  • Cost effective solutions like semi customised lightning fast websites help businesses on a small budget. These sites that can be added to and fully customised as your business grows

  • We are innovative in our approach because we sharpen our skills at the cutting edge of computing technologyThese are the technologies we use

  • Our E-commerce solutions eliminate the risk of DDOS attacks. We take cybersecurity very seriously. Like you, we believe our customer data should be encrypted and secure

  • An online presence with your own domain increases your brand value and can be developed to become a digital business asset, helping to drive exponential growth in the digital dimension

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